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Ronald McDonald House Charities support famalies that have children battling serious illnesses and require specialized care. Ronald McDonald Houses alleviate tremendous amounts of emotional, financial, and physical stress from families during these difficult times. The specialized staff members ensure that the unique needs of each family are met. 

The first Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia was built in 1983 and had 13 bedrooms. Today they continue to support families at their 73-bedroom house full of around-the-clock staff members that provide immense services for families. No family should have to endure those experiences alone, and with the support of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, families can focus their time and energy on what really matter, their children. 

We appreciate the Ronald McDonald House Charities for the life-changing work they do everyday to support families and children battling illnesses. The Ronald McDonald House Charities make a difference in the world, and Livia Clothing is proud to support them.